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There are many benefits to renting furnished apartments as well as short term rental options. Depending on your particular living situation and requirements will help in deciding which option works best for you.

Furnished Apartment Rental

This option is ideal if your occupation requires constant travel. A fully furnished apartment rental provides the necessary amenities and furniture you will need to make your short term stay comfortable.

Deciding on already furnished apartments provides the most affordable living plan, saving substantially in the long run.

Having the furniture, drapes and dishes already supplied cuts down on shopping and delivery expenses normally incurred with an unfurnished rental.

Once your stay is complete the added expense of storing unwanted furniture and belongings is avoided. Furniture and other items may be left behind when you leave.

Amenities are convenient and available when you require them. Additional hotel charges for laundry service are expensive.

Privacy in your own residence doesn’t compare to a hotel.

Short Term Renting

Many companies offer this opportunity to their employees scheduled to relocate on a temporary or permanent basis.

Short term renting is considerably less expensive than a hotel stay duration.

This option is optimal when you are moving to a new location that is unfamiliar. Short term renting provides you the opportunity to become familiar with the area and helps to avoid choosing a permanent living situation in haste, only to regret it later. Added expenses and unnecessary tasks are incurred if you find it necessary to move again.

Most property owners seeking to fill a short term location will usually be flexible with the rent expense. Remember, it is difficult for property owners to find someone willing to rent on a short term basis. You are as much of an asset to the property owner as the property owner is to you and this presents a fine opportunity to agree on a fair price.

Individuals relocating for business can avoid the added worry that comes with major moves, allowing less stress and the ability to devote added focus to your new working and regional environment. Once you have started a comfortable daily routine, searching for a permanent living location will be less taxing.

Hotel Accommodations

Although using a hotel room may be more costly than some short term renting and furnished apartment situations, it is important to be aware of the benefits as well. Again, depending on the individual’s circumstances and preferences, this may just be the right fit for you.

Housekeeping is provided with hotel residence which makes the environment more agreeable.

Full kitchen facilities are provided and include all modern conveniences.

Staying at a hotel provides free perks that a private residence does not. Guests are provided use of fitness gyms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis and saunas.

Hotels are centrally located. This provides for easy access to entertainment, eating establishments, grocery and retail centers.

Most if not all hotels provide complimentary breakfast and coffee.

Depending on your hotel choice you may also have easy access to hair salons and superior spa facilities.

You can end your stay along with the tab once your reason for staying has ended. You don’t have the constant reminder and added expense of a fixed lease agreement hanging over your head.

Most hotel establishments provide amazing specials depending on the length of your stay. Usually, longer duration stays provide the best packages.

Hotels provide many additional amenities structured around the business clientele. Establishments now offer high-speed internet availability. Most hotels also include a business center where guests have access to photo copying and fax machines just to name a few.

Free cable television, phone messaging service and call-wake up are provided in the cost.

Modern Technology

Take advantage of the many useful resources available on the internet. Many sites will do the search for you, requiring basic location and cost range information. When locations fitting your requirements are found, a convenient e-mail notification is sent to you.

Many social media sights also provide updated rental listings.

Although it is a process, modern technology has the capabilities of doing quite a bit of the work for you. Rather than spending endless hours physically driving to the prospective locations for a viewing, many rental companies provide the convenience of on-line photographic information. Hotels as well, list websites where prospective guests may view the available accommodations.

Premiere Suites furnished apartments, short term rentals and specific hotel accommodations all offer excellent advantages and added benefits. It comes down to what your particular situation involves. Constructing a maximum allowable cost list as well as a concise list of “must-have’s” will considerably help in the best decision. Do not assume a particular choice is too costly until you have done your homework.