Going on a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because you are still feeling the excitement of your wedding and it may be the last vacation that you take without kids. If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination option that is tropical, affordable, and perfect for an active couple, Thailand vacation options could be the right choice for you and your future spouse.

There are Thailand vacation packages that allow you to see some of the great cities, while you also enjoy the beauty that this country has to offer. Here are things to look for when booking your Thailand tours and hotel stay.
Affordable Food and Activities
The restaurants, street vendors, amenities and activities are all very affordable in Thailand for those who are looking to have a good time without having to spend a ton of money when you get to your travel destination. You don’t have to just dine at your resort or do what’s included in your resort stay when you travel to Thailand, and instead you can venture out and see the country and the sights.
Beautiful Beaches and Hiking
Thailand is on the Pacific Ocean and some of the best sandy white beaches you will find around the glove, with crystal blue water and tons of wildlife to enjoy. You can spend your days lounging by the shore, going under the surface and enjoying the marine life, or hiking through the thick forests to see the beautiful mountains, ecosystems and more. Plan a trip to an elephant refuge or another animal conservatory while you stay.
Culture and Spiritual Experiences
There are a variety of cultural and spiritual Thailand tours you can take if you want to see the historic and religious side of the country, and if you really want to experience the culture. With a mixture of temples and monasteries, along with other spiritual locations, you can visit some of the most historic places on the planet.
Thailand will allow you to spend a ton of time in warm weather with a drink in your hand, but you’ll also be able to go out and be active and experience the country that you’re visiting. Find a package deal where you can include the flights, hotel stay, and some of the activities you want to do when you’re in the country, so you can bundle to get a low price. This also allows you to set up your itinerary before you go. More information can be obtained by visiting Tour East Holidays.