Ways Trucking Companies Can Reduce Carbon Emissions

With the increasing sensitization on the importance of conserving the environment by world leaders, many freight services providers have started to go green. Trucking companies now see these environmental campaigns as new and sustainable ways of life. Not to mention, many customers are increasingly becoming aware of green-related products and services. Here are ways you can go green as a trucking company.

Idling time

As a driver, you should mind how you carry out yourself when idle. Turn off the engine of the truck if you are planning to stop at a place for more than one hour. You should consider turning off the engine as switching off your lights and electronic devices at work or in the office. You can also utilize the electrification systems available at truck stops that automatically turn off the engine. The systems also allow you to heat and cool your truck without having to emit greenhouse gasses.

Regular Maintenance

You must maintain your vehicle regularly to avoid the emission of toxic gasses. Poorly maintained vehicles have malfunctioning oil filters that release thick and dark smoke. Such smoke can reduce visibility on the road and pollute the air. Ensure that the tires and fluid pressure are at the right levels. Frequently change the oil to avoid damaging the engine components and the filters. All of these are important in improving fuel efficiency and creating a healthier environment for everyone.

Educate drivers

As a transportation company manager, it is imperative to educate your drivers on the importance developing environment-friendly habits. You have to lead by example. Consider turning off office lights or fans whenever you don’t need them. Encourage the office members to use properly-equipped waste bins and turn off their computers at the end of the day. Provide guidelines on how to reduce the emission of carbon in the office and on the road.

Combined distributions

You can minimize the number of trucks on the road by doing collaborative distribution. Goods that are supposed to be delivered in the same area should be transported in one truck. This will minimize the efficiency of the trucking company and also reduce the amount of carbon emission.


The company’s logistics should also take into consideration present and future ways to control emission. There must an effective route planning to ensure the trucks are used up to their capacity. Planning will also help the company to avoid bad weather and traffic jams that can keep them on the road for hours or days.

Local environmental regulations

A Canadian trucking company must fulfill all the environmental requirements before it begins its operations. The trucks must meet the on-road and off-road emission and ignition regulations. All these requirements are available in the Canadian Environmental Impact Act 1999. You may find it useful to consult with Fortigo Freight Services for additional information.